Goodbye, 1st year back at school

The second semester of my first year back at school is over! I've got two in the can. I think my GPA is gonna be solid this semester, almost as good as last semester. At my worst, I think I've gonna have some "A-minuses" sprinkled in with my "A's." There may be one "B+." I'm on the cusp of an A- in conducting. I feel like the rapport I have with my professor is going to have to pull me through to the A-. Woodwind methods is the same between an A- & an A. Anyway, here's my predictions for the ol' report card:

Conducting: A- (or B+. Hopefully not.)
Literacy: A+
Instrumental Music Materials: A
Music & Childhood Development: A
Woodwind Methods: A (my actual grade is 91.9%, A-. 92% is the A)
Percussion Methods: A

Let's see how the next few weeks unfold with these.

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