Like Ma Bell, I got the Ill Communication

What a fucking Saturday. Last night, in the midst of my mad, drunken tweeting frenzy, I passed out. My last thought before falling asleep was "I really should get a blanket..." I didn't. At 6 am, I woke up freezing with the shitking of all sore throats. Somehow, I managed to teach two lessons, only to feel worse and worse throughout the morning. Dawn & I grabbed lunch afterward. I thought a little spicy Thai curry would do the trick. I was wrong. I think being white is a detriment to ordering spicy Thai, by the way. The waitress asked me if I want the spiciness at 'medium.' I told her to go well past medium. Frankly, I had a death wish: I wanted to burn. But, alas, I didn't burn. It wasn't hot enough.

When we got home and I got ready for work, my nose began to run. Work was miserable, if only by the fact that I felt like shit over the whole shift. Since I had no time to get to the store to get some Alka-Seltzer Cold, I bought Day-Quil at the newsstand, knowing that it is ineffective on me. My 8 hours felt like 16. We were slammed tonight. Of all the nights to be busy, right? Anyway, I got through it. There were some issues with the money I had to figure out. Or, I'm so lagged from feeling crappy that I just took forever. It was 1230 by the time I clocked out. I was reading a couple of required-reading articles for my final on Monday, and the door to the structure was locked. I kicked it and want back downstairs and made for the elevator.

The clock in the car said 1242. The gas gauge warning light was on. And I had a runny nose. It was 1258 after a trip to Sav-on for Alka-Seltzer, and a trip to the gas station for a fill. I'm now falling asleep on the couch, just like last night. I'm tired like a motherfucker.

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