My first spam!

My first real, honest-to-goodness lottery scheme spam! How exciting! The 'xxxxx's' are my doing. The rest is for real!

Dear Sir/Madam,
This mail is to notify you have been selected as a winner to receive the sum of £850,000 British Pounds in our on-going Google anniversary lotto draws.

Your email address was attached to the following winning numbers that made you one of our lucky winners for this year draw :Ticket number: xxxxxxxxxx, CGPN: xxxxxxxxxxx,Serial

numbers:BTD/xxxxxxxxxxxxx,Lucky numbers:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
For more info/ how to claim your prize,contact the processing agent (Mr. Grahams Benfield) with the email addresses below by sending your winning numbers,full names, sex and location.

Agent E-mail(s):grahamsbenfield.agent@xxxxx, grahams.benfield@xxxxx
Wishing you goodluck as you'll spend your fortune!!
Mr. Petersen, Promo Coordinator

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