Spring 2009 Grades Are In

Here are my spring semester grades. Not too far off from what I predicted. Asterisks indicate classes I'm getting (or trying to get) the grade changed.

Developing Literacy Sec      A-*
Orch Instruments:Perc A
Orch Instruments:Winds A
Mus and Child Development A-*
Pub Schl Inst Music Mat A
Instrumental Conducting B+

I am super pissed at the B+ in Conducting. I knew I wasn't going to get an A, but I thought I'd at least be able to pull the A-, since he said I was on the cusp. I was told that my final was the best conducting I'd ever done, and I felt that way, too. My professor said that My conducting is clean & tidy, but not expressive enough. Apparently, that doesn't warrant an A-. Hopefully I don't get too resentful and instead use this slap in the face to improve my conducting significantly in the next year.

The first grade change is going to be from an A- to an A+. My literacy professor made a mistake with her grading, and she said she'd change the grade.

For the second grade change, I had a solid A before my lesson plan project was graded. Now I have an A-. Hmmm...

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