SDCC Morning #3: Panel Day

If anyone needs me, I'll be in room 20 for most of the day. We're heading down now for energy drinks and then it's:

Family Guy
Cleveland show
The Simpsons
Green Lantern
Venture Bros.

We're booked til 730. Wish us luck


No sleep til!

San Diego!

What I did tonight (1000th post!)

I got home from work at 1230 to find a note saying there was a huge ant attack in the house, and where are the ant-killing supplies you said you'd buy? I did say that. Shit. Off to the store I went. Bought 2-pack ant killing spray, indoor bait traps and outdoor bait stakes. Within 45 minutes, I polished off one full bottle of the spray, along with half the bait traps. Hopefully this stems the tide of ant vengeance.

After that, I took a long, hot shower to rinse the pesticides and night of work off before ironing my shirt for the morning. The notoriously prone-to-wrinkles tan I have.

Now, as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, I'm drinking an ice cold Corona. It's like a 12oz golden gift, or a little glass pat on the back for a job well done. 10+ hours at work tonight, by the way.

Happy 1000th post, everyone. Here's to everyone who stuck it out from day one.


A guy walks into a bar

And his young female friend is denied alcohol because she forgot to bring her ID. The manager says it's against the law to serve someone without an ID once they've been carded, which is true. The guy gets pissy, but says nothing. The manager tells his staff that she's not allowed alcohol service because of the lack of ID. The guy tells the bartender that the manager is an asshole when the manager isn't around. He doesn't like anyone making decisions for him or his friends. The manager walks back into the bar and sees women in bikinis, wrestling, and decides bikini wrestling is inappropriate to have on in the middle of the day. It is a family restaurant, after all, so he changes the channel to the baseball report. When the guy's friends have left, he pulls the manager aside and says "I think you are extremely rude."

The manager says "I'm gonna have to disagree, I don't believe I was rude at all, but I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me why you feel that way."

The guy says, "you were rude to my friend about her ID, and I was watching a program in TV, and you saw I was watching it, and you changed the channel without asking me if it was ok." The TV in question was literally behind the gentleman, out of even his peripheral vision.

The manager replies "thank you for letting me know, I'm very sorry you feel that way."

The guy asks "what's your regional manager's name?" And the manager tells him. "I'm going to write him a letter." So the manager gives him the email address & business card to the regional manager.

And the manager writes a letter first, and the regional says to him "Thanks for the heads up."

And the guy who walked into the bar is still an asshole.



It's motherflippin' hot in my house

The downfall of living in west side costa mesa, on the ground floor, is that you can't leave your windows open at night to let the breeze in. Can't even leave the back door open. Such a bummer.

Had to play detective at work tonight to locate some missing bread. 45 minutes later, I figured out what happened. At least I got a little more overtime, but I went 2pm to 1245am, and I'm not even close to going to sleep. My average out time is midnight, by the way. At least I'm off tomorrow morning.

I think I might order the DIY battery replacement kit for my apparently ancient 4th gen iPod. I guess 5 years old means your tech is old, but using it at work tonight revealed the battery hasn't aged well, though the rest of my zombified iPod has held up well. I just hope I can get it in the mail by Wednesday, so I can have the battery installed, charged, and ready to go to SDCC.

Oh yeah, paid my car registration that never came today. $122 in late fees, because the DMV made a typo on my reg which made it undeliverable. Lucky me. Gotta get that refund form filled out so I can fight for my right to money.


Zombie iPod?!

Earlier this year, I washed my iPod shuffle. It dried and worked 100% perfectly. In an amazing twist of fate tonight, my 5 year old 4th gen iPod, which officially died a year and a half ago, plugged right in, charged right up, and plays music like it was fresh out of the box. I've been wanting all this new tech shit, and my old shit keeps working! Thank God, because my ass is broke, and I can't afford the flashy gadgets I want. My zombie iPod will be accompanying me to Comic Con this year. Hopefully, in part, as a good luck token.


Quite the bastard.

Tonight at work felt like everything that should have been simple took way longer than it needed. The margarita machines went down, briefly, and I had to get in there and get MacGyver on some shit to make them work. Sorta. Then off the heels of that came the soup lady that literally asked for free shit cause the hostess fucked up on her togo order. Someone on staff said some rude shit to me, as a joke (I can only assume), and I unleashed my fury on him. I was, in fact, quite the bastard. I don't feel altogether that bad about it. I'm just saying.


2-Run Home Run!

2-Run Home Run!
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In case people haven't seen the proposal pics yet, here's our home run just before I popped the question!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


July 1, 2009

Oh, posting is so tedious! Or coming up with good material is, anyway.

Dawn & I have set our wedding date and our venue is booked. Mark your calenders people:

May 23, 2010.

Now all we need to do is square away catering, flowers, a Rabbi, the guest list, etc...

Not much else exciting is happening, except Jonny is back from his 10 day trip to Israel. Breakfast is on the docket in a few minutes.