A guy walks into a bar

And his young female friend is denied alcohol because she forgot to bring her ID. The manager says it's against the law to serve someone without an ID once they've been carded, which is true. The guy gets pissy, but says nothing. The manager tells his staff that she's not allowed alcohol service because of the lack of ID. The guy tells the bartender that the manager is an asshole when the manager isn't around. He doesn't like anyone making decisions for him or his friends. The manager walks back into the bar and sees women in bikinis, wrestling, and decides bikini wrestling is inappropriate to have on in the middle of the day. It is a family restaurant, after all, so he changes the channel to the baseball report. When the guy's friends have left, he pulls the manager aside and says "I think you are extremely rude."

The manager says "I'm gonna have to disagree, I don't believe I was rude at all, but I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me why you feel that way."

The guy says, "you were rude to my friend about her ID, and I was watching a program in TV, and you saw I was watching it, and you changed the channel without asking me if it was ok." The TV in question was literally behind the gentleman, out of even his peripheral vision.

The manager replies "thank you for letting me know, I'm very sorry you feel that way."

The guy asks "what's your regional manager's name?" And the manager tells him. "I'm going to write him a letter." So the manager gives him the email address & business card to the regional manager.

And the manager writes a letter first, and the regional says to him "Thanks for the heads up."

And the guy who walked into the bar is still an asshole.


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