It's motherflippin' hot in my house

The downfall of living in west side costa mesa, on the ground floor, is that you can't leave your windows open at night to let the breeze in. Can't even leave the back door open. Such a bummer.

Had to play detective at work tonight to locate some missing bread. 45 minutes later, I figured out what happened. At least I got a little more overtime, but I went 2pm to 1245am, and I'm not even close to going to sleep. My average out time is midnight, by the way. At least I'm off tomorrow morning.

I think I might order the DIY battery replacement kit for my apparently ancient 4th gen iPod. I guess 5 years old means your tech is old, but using it at work tonight revealed the battery hasn't aged well, though the rest of my zombified iPod has held up well. I just hope I can get it in the mail by Wednesday, so I can have the battery installed, charged, and ready to go to SDCC.

Oh yeah, paid my car registration that never came today. $122 in late fees, because the DMV made a typo on my reg which made it undeliverable. Lucky me. Gotta get that refund form filled out so I can fight for my right to money.

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