What I did tonight (1000th post!)

I got home from work at 1230 to find a note saying there was a huge ant attack in the house, and where are the ant-killing supplies you said you'd buy? I did say that. Shit. Off to the store I went. Bought 2-pack ant killing spray, indoor bait traps and outdoor bait stakes. Within 45 minutes, I polished off one full bottle of the spray, along with half the bait traps. Hopefully this stems the tide of ant vengeance.

After that, I took a long, hot shower to rinse the pesticides and night of work off before ironing my shirt for the morning. The notoriously prone-to-wrinkles tan I have.

Now, as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, I'm drinking an ice cold Corona. It's like a 12oz golden gift, or a little glass pat on the back for a job well done. 10+ hours at work tonight, by the way.

Happy 1000th post, everyone. Here's to everyone who stuck it out from day one.

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