Fighting the not-so-good fight (kidney stones)

Over the last couple of days, I've been passing kidney stones. It started as I was going into work on Monday. I felt the telltale pain of a stone starting to pass. When I got to work, I told my boss, "if I pass a kidney stone tonight, who do I call to bail me out?" He said himself. two hours later, the pain came on, and I called him: "hey man, I was hoping to put this off for a couple more hours, but my stone is starting to pass." He gave me some sob story about how long he was at work that morning for inventory, and that he wasted to take a nap and iron his shirt, and it'd be 2.5 more hours before he'd be able to get in to work. Upon hearing that, I locked myself in the office, hung chef coats to block the windows, and was in agony for a good 1.5 hours until my boss showed, and I was able to call Dawn to come pick me up.

That night, the stone passed, but I had another one hot on it's tail. Around 9 pm, I felt that one come on. 36 hours later, it still hasn't passed. I went to the ER yesterday, where they doped me up and kept me for 6 hours, ran some tests, including an ultrasound of both kidneys and sent me home with some really rockin' prescriptions. At this point, I'm fighting to stay awake just to finish this blog, and then I'm passing out for a little while. I didn't sleep at all two nights ago, so I think I'm still catching up on sleep.

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