I don't dig on swine (as far as I know).

Ok, I'm gonna cave. I see Jews eating pork all the time on TV. Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods/World and Adam Richman on Man V. Food both eat pork like motherfuckers! And they're New York Jews from way back! I see on Facebook the group "Jews for Bacon." There's even KOSHER bacon flavored salt out there. That and Bac-O's are Kosher. What is happening to the world? I've abstained for so long, except for the time or two when I had it by accident. I had no opinion, one way or another, by the way. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of food out there, to which my gentile friends, brother, and fianc?e will attest to that notion, and not hesitate to tell me so. In any case, I might just try it when no one's looking, and if I'm not into it, I'll never do it again. I promise.